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Big City Life Is No Problem in the Camper Van by FRANKIA

Discover your


Every day should start like this


My breakfast bistro!

You can see azure-blue waters directly from your bed. You can breathe in the brisk morning air. And you can smell fresh coffee brewing in your “inside-out” kitchen. You can do all this … in your Yucon 6.0 or Yucon 7.0.


Enjoy every day

My favourite place

Take time for the things you never have time for. For yourself. For the both of you. For inspiration. For new adventures. Forget all the rules and simply enjoy life – and your Yucon 7.0 Lounge!


We’ll be gone for a while

My off-road companion

Why not take the next turn? You might discover places you’ll never forget! Whether rear-wheel or all-wheel drive: The powerful Mercedes-Benz sprinter will take you anywhere – on and off the road.


The evening is ours

Good evening, magic

Is there anything better than ending a perfect day with a delicious dinner, a glass of wine or a good book? And then making plans for tomorrow as you watch the sunset together – surrounded by nature. You are always in the middle of it all with your Yucon.