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 Yucon K-peak Offroad Campervan

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Yucon K-peak Offroad Campervan  4x4

No matter where, how or when – you’re always

AT HOME here

Yucon K-peak Offroad Campervan  4x4

Freedom surrounded by


Go offroad and discover something new!

Yucon K-peak camper van

Escape the daily routine, embark on an adventure. Sometimes you simply need a change of scenery – to adventure, freedom and endless horizons. A secluded spot on the beach or an idyllic campervan pitch in the mountains? Wherever the road takes you, the Yucon K-peak edition is along for the ride! After all, the offroad camper van on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform takes you everywhere you want to go – even when the asphalt ends – because that’s when the most exciting adventure truly begins!

Which K-peak suits you best?

The Yucon K-peak 6.0 BD offers four seats, a large crosswise bed in the rear and an optional pop-up roof, making it ideal for families or trips with friends. It’s also compact enough for you to explore even the most secret hotspots with the all-terrain camper van. Travelling as a couple and want to be ready for spontaneous trips away from traditional tourist routes? Then the Yucon K-peak 6.0 GD with 3.5 t total weight is the ideal companion for you – thanks to its excellent manoeuvrability, clever details and best-in-class twin beds. Want to go into overtime? Or do you need more storage and payload for your equipment, more room to cook, more space for four people to sit together and enjoy the view? Then the Yucon K-peak 7.0 GD with twin beds is the perfect choice for you!

Alongside the all-wheel drive platform, every Yucon K-peak boasts countless standard features to still your thirst for freedom: Independence comes built-in when you have additional headlamps over the windscreen, a 300 Ah battery and up to two 90 W solar panels. And naturally, it wouldn’t be a Yucon if there weren’t plenty of convenient features on top: Your Yucon K-peak will pamper you with spacious storage and living areas, an all-inclusive bathroom, a roomy inside-out kitchenette and first-class seats for both the driver and passenger.


  • Off-road fun anytime and anywhere – thanks to standard 4x4 AWD, AT tyres and 190 hp Mercedes-Benz engine
  • Only available in the K-peak edition: Even greater self-sufficiency comes standard, for example with the 300 Ah lithium battery, 90 W solar panels, additional LED headlamps, 9-speed automatic and diesel heating
  • More style, more comfort: K-peak exterior design and first-class seats from Mercedes-Benz
  • All-inclusive bathroom with shower, WC, mirrored cabinet
  • Details that make all the difference: Multizone mattresses and Froli bed system, ergonomic seat upholstery
  • Choose from three floor plans and 3.5 or 4.1 t total weight
  • Room for four in the K-peak 6.0 BD and 7.0 GD: Additionally optional pop-up roof, large seating area


Which one suits you best?

Camper van Yucon K-peak Offroad 4x4

Your adventure off the beaten

path awaits


Highlights & cool details in the 

Yucon K-peak

Offroad camper van Yucon K-peak Mercedes-Benz

Cool exterior design

Casual, laid-back style: Yucon is sure to turn heads – especially in the new K-peak edition design

Offroad Camper van Yucon K-peak Mercedes-Benz

Convenient seating

Every K-peak features first-class Mercedes-Benz seats – in an elegant combination of leather and microfibre

Offroad camper van Yucon K-peak Mercedes-Benz

Go offroad

Off-road fun standard: Every K-peak is equipped with 4x4 AWD, all-terrain tyres and a 190 hp engine

Offroad camper van Yucon K-peak with 4x4 AWD

Have it all

The rear bed is easy to fold up, so you have ample space for your bicycle, supplies and more

Offroad camper van Yucon K-peak with 4x4 AWD

Have your bathroom with you everywhere you go

Full bathroom with shower, WC and mirrored cabinet – high-quality workmanship included

Offroad camper van Yucon K-peak

Harness the full power of the sun – standard

Embrace your independence – with a 300 Ah LiFePo battery and 90 W solar panel (2x 90 W for pop-up roof)

Offroad camper van Yucon K-peak  Mercedes-Benz

Your new home ...

... with a large seating area offers you plenty of room to chill, cook and plan your adventure

Offroad camper van Yucon K-peak

Top floor with a view

Ideal for family and friends: Large bed in the optional pop-up roof with panoramic roof and skylight

Offroad camper van Yucon K-peak

Intelligent offroad tools

LED headlamps above the windscreen are perfect for off-road adventures – even after sunset

Yucon K-peak offroad

I feel the need – the need for speed!


Off-road fun!

3.5 or 4.1 t vehicle with 4x4 AWD and all-terrain tyres

Power under the hood

Standard: 190 hp
diesel engine with 93 l tank

Keep things fresh on the go

Shower, rinse, cook – with
up to 110 l fresh water tank

All the energy you need!

1 x 300 Ah LiFePo battery for high energy reserves

Room for delicious treats

Impressive: Compressor refrigerator
with 69 l volume

So long, waste water!

Large capacity and easy to empty:
up to 70 l waste water tank

Perfect temperature standard

Truma D6E heating and
automatic climate control

Aim high

Bed in pop-up roof (1.10 m x 2 m)

Solar power

Standard: 90 W solar panel
(2x 90 W for pop-up roof)

your off-road camper van
Yucon K-peak