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Transform your Yucon into your favourite


Take your time, enjoy your



Campervan Yucon 6.0 BD

Take some time ... for yourself, your friends, your family! Simply leave everything behind and enjoy your freedom to make every day what you want it to be. Hop in your microliner and let the journey begin. The Yucon 6.0 BD has thought of everything, so you never have to go without anything that’s important to you when you’re on the road: additional sleeping berths in the optional pop-up roof, plenty of storage space in the interior and rear storage compartment, a roomy bathroom where you can freshen up and an inside-out kitchen that lets you feel at home outdoors.

What makes the Yucon 6.0 BD so unique? Thanks to its manoeuvrability and optional all-wheel drive, it’s always ready for spontaneous trips off the beaten path. And there’s always enough room here for up to four adventurers, because you can sleep in the large crosswise bed or in the weatherproof bedroom on the “top floor”!


  • Sleeping berths for 4 – in the crosswise bed in the rear and in the optional pop-up roof
  • Inside-out kitchen with expandable table for inside and out
  • Amazing storage: up to 640 kg payload with a total weight of 3.5 t; ample storage space in compartments and in the rear storage compartment
  • Stylish! Understated exterior design and a clean, modern look in the interior
  • All-inclusive bathroom with shower and WC – mirrored cabinet and high-quality workmanship included
  • Offroad fun: optional all-wheel drive in the agile microliner with a length of 6 m

Let’s explore the world


Highlights & attention to detail in the 

Yucon 6.0 BD

Always close by

Simply open the rear doors and enjoy fantastic views from your bed

Do your thing

The modern Yucon style in the interior gives you ultimate design freedom

Smart storage

The crosswise bed is easy to fold up, so you have ample space for camping furniture and co.

Off-road fun

Venture down new paths! An agile length of 6 m and optional all-wheel drive make it possible

Plenty of storage shelves

You’re sure to find enough storage space for all your favourite things – in the many built-in cabinets, for example

Your own bathroom

Bathroom with shower and WC – mirrored cabinet and high-quality workmanship included

Your beer garden on the road

The table can be used flexibly – indoors or as shown here in the outdoor kitchen

Top floor with a view

Prefer to count stars or daydream? Why choose when you can do both in the large pop-up roof with multiple windows?

Inside-out kitchen

There’s plenty of room here to chop, cook and wash dishes – thanks to the expandable worktop

Let's explore the world


Technical features & highlights of the


Yucon 6.0 BD


Power under the hood

Optional up to 190 hp
turbo diesel engine with 93 L tank

Everything’s fresh

Freshen up, wash dishes, cook –
with the 110 L fresh water tank

As much power as you need

1 x 95 Ah AGM battery standard

Really cool

84 L compressor refrigerator for connoisseurs

So long, waste water!

Large capacity and easy to empty:
55 L waste water tank

Hello winter trip!

Heat standard: TRUMA® Combi 4 CP Plus standard

Aim high

Bed in pop-up roof (1.10 m x 2 m)

Pack your favourite things

Up to 640 kg payload … with a total weight of just 3.5 t

Weight when ready for driving

2,861 kg or 2,929 kg – with a gross weight of 3.5 t or 4.1 t (each without pop-up roof or all-wheel drive)