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A cosy den for you to

cuddle up in

Together on the


Let’s cook something



Campervan Yucon 51 FB

Say goodbye to checkout times, buffet lines and tourist blocks! Say hello to the microliner life! Your Yucon 51 FB will guide you through spectacular landscapes, help you connect with authentic people and show you corners of the world only locals know best. Sit back and put your feet up, because the Yucon 51 FB offers you plenty of space to relax along with lots of storage room for all the travel accessories and other items that are important to you.   

What makes the Yucon 51 FB so unique? It offers more than meets the eye. The microliner’s practical design not only makes it the ideal van for your family’s daily routine, it also makes it the perfect way to enjoy a no-worries holiday. How? It’s very simple: Clever interior solutions help transform this microliner into a spacious holiday flat on four wheels.


  • All-in-one: Its 5.08 m length makes it perfect for everyday use and going on holidays
  • More room for everyone: seating for up to five persons and four sleeping berths
  • Smart bed: The rear bench can be converted into a 1.24 x 1.86 m bed surface
  • Additional pop-up roof standard (1.39 m x 1.90 m)
  • Loads of storage space in two large drawers under the bench seat and two side compartments
  • Large 2-burner hob, full sink and 49 L refrigerator
  • Bright interior thanks to large windows – including in the pop-up roof – and LED lighting

Get ready for the perfect

road trip

Highlights & attention to detail in the

Yucon 51 FB  

Ready for your outdoor brunch

Just extend the awning, place the flexible table under it and serve a scrumptious meal – now you can enjoy your perfect oasis

Welcome to your kitchen

Large 2-burner hob, sink, 49 L refrigerator and many shelves and compartments await you

Simply refreshing

Whether you want a refreshing splash or need to wash off the sand – the outdoor shower lets you travel self-sufficiently

Plenty of space for late risers

The pop-up roof that comes standard offers a comfortable sleeping surface (1.39 m x 1.90 m)

Knives, forks and spoons ...

... plates, cups and glasses will all find enough space in the drawers and compartments of the microliner kitchen

All aboard!

Open the rear flap and stow your items – there’s even more space if you fold down the backrest of the rear bench 

Smart on the road

White body paintwork, full LED headlights, a heated rear window and more all come standard

Clever use of every inch

You will find plenty of space in the two large drawers under the bench seat, the side compartments and other places

Bright interior

Large windows flood the interior with light. LED lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere in the evenings

Mountains, lakes, seas ... turn them into

your adventure

Technical features & highlights of the

Yucon 51 FB 

Power on the road

130 hp engine 
2.0 L Blue dCi 130 (EURO 6Dfull) 

Everything’s fresh

Freshen up, wash dishes, cook –
with the 60 L fresh water tank

As much power as you need

AGM battery standard

Really cool

49 L compressor refrigerator for connoisseurs

So long, waste water!

Large capacity and easy to empty:
35 L waste water tank

Hello winter trip!

2000 W diesel heating system with altitude kit

Aim high

Bed in pop-up roof (1.39 m x 1.90 m)

Pack your favourite things

Over 600 kg payload … with a total weight of just 3.5 t

Your colour, your style

Five paint finishes to choose from