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Campervan Yucon 55 SB

Life is full of adventure, so start your quest today: for the best trail on your mountain bike, the ultimate wave on your surfboard or the most majestic views on your trek to the summit, to name just a few examples. Whenever you get the urge to take off and discover a new spot, just pack your things and go. Your Yucon 55 SB is always ready to roll and offers you an up to 2 m long cargo reserve so you can take all your equipment along for the ride.

What makes the Yucon 55 SB so unique? It makes you as free as the wind. You decide where to stop, how long to stay and whether you want to embark on your adventure solo or prefer to experience it with friends or the whole family. Clever solutions in the microliner ensure there’s always plenty of space to sleep, sit and store your gear. 


  • Even more room and freedom of movement with a length of 5.48 m
  • Modular, removable, sliding 3-person bench seat
  • More room for everyone: seating for up to five persons and four sleeping berths
  • XL cargo space 2 m in length in the rear, large drawers and two cabinets
  • Sleep on the converted rear bench (1.24 x 1.88 m)
  • Additional pop-up roof standard (1.39 x 1.90 m)
  • Large 2-burner hob combined with a full sink and a 49 L refrigerator

Your Yucon microliner,

your travel companion

Highlights & attention to detail in the

Yucon 55 SB  

Time to enjoy

Cook a leisurely meal on the large 2-burner hob – with the convenience of an adjacent sink with water tap

Everything’s easily accessible

Whether in the interior or rear, in compartments or drawers: You always have quick, easy access to all your travel utensils

Day and night mode

During the day your microliner is flooded with light – at night you can completely darken the interior for sweet dreams

Stay flexible

Convenient: The hob and sink are installed flush and are easy to cover, enabling you to use the kitchen as a worktop

Always have what you need on hand …

... with the 49 L refrigerator, 60 L fresh water tank, AGM battery standard and much more

Make yourself at home

Your microliner has a subtle design that allows you to add your own personal charm. And there’s plenty of space for stylish decorations ...

Let there be light

LED light strips make it easier for you to find your way around the interior of your Yucon and create pleasant ambient lighting at night

XL cargo space in the rear

The removable rear bench enables you to use up to 2 m of cargo space. Perfect for bicycles, surfboards and more.

Sleep well ...

... in the pop-up roof (1.39 m x 1.90) or on the comfortable converted rear bench (1.24 x 1.88 m)

Open the flap and

tune out

Technical features & highlights of the

Yucon 55 SB 

Power on the road

130 hp engine
2.0 L Blue dCi 130 (EURO 6Dfull) 

Everything’s fresh

Freshen up, wash dishes, cook –
with the 60 L fresh water tank / 35 L waste water tank

As much power as you need

AGM battery standard

Really cool

49 L compressor refrigerator for connoisseurs

So long, waste water!

Large capacity and easy to empty:
35 L waste water tank

Hello winter trip!

2000 W diesel heating system with altitude kit

Aim high

Bed in pop-up roof (1.39 m x 1.90 m)

Pack your favourite things

Over 500 kg payload … with a total weight of just 3.5 t

Your colour, your style

Six paint finishes to choose from